Snappad Xtra Xl Plus - 4 Pack

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The XTRA XL Plus package is made for luxury motorhomes with a mix of 9 inch front and 12 inch rear round jacks. Common to larger Thor models, snap on the XL package and improve your rig's stability and auto-leveling system. 2-year manufacturer's warranty.

 PROP 65 WARNING: This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Wash hands after handling. For more information, visit

RV SnapPad Fitlist
DamonAstoria 36792005
DamonAstoria 36792008
DamonAstoria 37722008
DamonAstoria 37722010
DamonAstoria, Pacific Edition 37732007
DamonAstoria, Pacific Edition 37862008
DamonTuscany 40512010
DamonTuscany 40512011
DamonTuscany 40722007
DamonTuscany 40722008
DamonTuscany 40722009
DamonTuscany 40722011
DamonTuscany 40742006
DamonTuscany 40762006
DamonTuscany 40762007
DamonTuscany 40762008
DamonTuscany 40772006
FleetwoodDiscovery LXE 44S2021
FleetwoodDiscovery LXE 44S2022
FleetwoodDiscovery LXE 44S2023
ThorAstoria 36MQ2012
ThorAstoria 40KT2011
ThorTuscany 34ST2014
ThorTuscany 38SQ2017
ThorTuscany 38SQ2018
ThorTuscany 38SQ2019
ThorTuscany 40722008
ThorTuscany 40AX2016
ThorTuscany 40DX2015
ThorTuscany 40DX2016
ThorTuscany 40DX2017
ThorTuscany 40DX2018
ThorTuscany 40EX2014
ThorTuscany 40FX2013
ThorTuscany 40GQ2014
ThorTuscany 40KQ2014
ThorTuscany 40KQ2015
ThorTuscany 40RT2020
ThorTuscany 40RT2023
ThorTuscany 40RX2014
ThorTuscany 42GX2016
ThorTuscany 42GX2017
ThorTuscany 42GX2018
ThorTuscany 42QB2013
ThorTuscany 42RQ2012
ThorTuscany 42RX2014
ThorTuscany 42WX2013
ThorTuscany 42WX2014
ThorTuscany 42WX2015
ThorTuscany 44MT2014
ThorTuscany 44MT2017
ThorTuscany 45AT2015
ThorTuscany 45AT2016
ThorTuscany 45AT2017
ThorTuscany 45AT2018
ThorTuscany 45JA2019
ThorTuscany 45LT2013
ThorTuscany 45LT2014
ThorTuscany 45MX2019
ThorTuscany 45MX2020
ThorTuscany XTE 34ST2014
ThorTuscany XTE 34ST2015
ThorTuscany XTE 34ST2016
ThorTuscany XTE 34ST2017
ThorTuscany XTE 36MQ2013
ThorTuscany XTE 36MQ2015
ThorTuscany XTE 36MQ2016
ThorTuscany XTE 40AX2015
ThorTuscany XTE 40AX2016
ThorTuscany XTE 40AX2017
ThorTuscany XTE 40BX2017
ThorTuscany XTE 40EX2013
ThorTuscany XTE 40GQ2016
ThorTuscany XTE 40RX2014
ThorVenetian 36G2018
ThorVenetian 36G2019
ThorVenetian 37M2016
ThorVenetian 37M2017
ThorVenetian 40A2016
ThorVenetian 40A2018
ThorVenetian 40J2019
ThorVenetian 40L2020
ThorVenetian 40R2022
ThorVenetian 41A2017
ThorVenetian 42B2020
ThorVenetian 42B2021
ThorVenetian 42B2022
ThorVenetian 42T2017
ThorVenetian 42T2018

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